quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009

XVII International Material Research Congress

The Materials Research Society (MRS)
The NACE International Section Mexico

Announce the


16 - 21 August, Cancún, Mexico

Jointly with:

The International Conference on Perovskites-Properties and Potential Applications

2º. Simposium Latinoamericano sobre Métodos Físicos y Químicos en Arqueología, Arte y Conservación del Patrimonio Cultural LASMAC 2009

These meetings will provide an interactive forum for discussing the advances in synthesis, characterization, properties, processing, applications, basic research trends, corrosion prevention, etc., all related to the area of materials science and engineering.

The efforts of several societies, colleagues, sponsors and exhibitors will make an exciting multidisciplinary forum providing a valuable opportunity for research scientists to learn first hand about new directions in materials research and technology, as well as to share and exchange ideas with some of the best experts in the field.


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